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 Welcome to Blessings Thrift Store

 Mission Statement

Blessings Thrift Store is a non-profit Christian Ministry that serves as an outreach for Victory Baptist Church in Nokomis, Florida. 
As a non-profit store, Blessings’ goal is to help improve the lives of families and individuals within our community by offering items at extremely low prices.  We made a promise to always keep prices low and affordable for all. Blessing’s mission doesn't stop there; we also help in the following ways:
                        *Supply items for people starting over.
                        *Supply clothes and food for underprivileged children.
                        *Help children find a way to go to camp.
Not only does Blessings help families, we also help local charities and other non-profits who serve the community. That way these organizations are able to do that much more for the community.
                        *Raising funds for Pregnancy Solutions
                        *Giving donation to Harvest House
                        *Sponsoring a fundraiser for area Service men and women
                        *Ringing the bell for Salvation Army
Donation by donation, purchase by purchase, Blessings truly is "Giving Back a little at a time".





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Upcoming Events

  • September 21

    Married Couples Retreat

    Make plans to attend the Couple's Retreat. September 21-22 Guest speaker: Pastor & Mrs. Charlie Clark info - Rene Kelly

  • September 29

    Calling All Ladies!

    Ladies Conference, Victory Baptist Church Tampa Fl "A Healthy Mind" Please let Mrs. Kelly know if you are interested in attending any/all of these conferences!

  • September 30

    Anniversary Sunday
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